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Wednesday, May 28, 2008



Colin Thompson is from down under mate!

radom smiles make people wonder.... its funny


Colin Thompson - Whos from Bellingen Aus!


Colin Thompson
Nanami Cowdroy


Nanami Cowdroy and Colin Thompson?

Andre Somma

Can it be that I am actually the first one to reply to this post?

Having clicked through all of the Artist Bio pages and having some send me back to the Gelaskin home page I have found that both

Colin Thompson
Nanami Cowdroy

are from Australia.


Ummm two

Colin Thompson and Nanami Cowdroy


Nanami Cowdroy is one I think

El Duque

Hi, I checked out almost all of them and I think the answer is:
Colin Thompson
Nanami Cowdroy


Congrats to everyone that answered Nanami Cowdroy and/or Colin Thompson. Since I'm such a bonehead and forgot to approve the comments as they came in I'm going to award everyone that answered one of the names correctly.

As you were...


Darn too late. Colin Thompson and Nanami Cowdroy are amazing artists though. And GelaSkins is amazing for looking out for us froth-mouthed skin junkies.

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